“Using the precious gifts of time to inspire women to become the hero of their story.”

Do you feel guilty, fearful, or disappointed in yourself for where you are at in your life?

Maybe you have become stagnant and stale in your work and you know you need change, but you are terrified of the unknown and leaving behind what’s comfortable.

Maybe you’re carrying a few extra kilos you know you need to lose but you just “never have the time” or willpower to maintain healthy momentum.

Or you’re in a relationship you know has run its course, but ending the relationship seems insurmountable and of course, the fear of being alone is completely terrifying.

What’s more you may feel some days also fear you are running out of time to make the changes you want, or you think you have ‘missed the boat” altogether, on
living your best life.

Your intuition deep down screams for change every day. You know you are here for so much more.

But where on Earth do you start and how?

That’s where I come in.

What if I told you that you DO HAVE time, so much of it, just waiting for to take the first step.

What if I told you that you can be the hero of your journey right now and create the life you really want, now.?!

What if change didn’t have to feel like mount Everest, if strategies to see amazing shifts were simple and the rewards and outcomes fast, tangible, and easy.

I can help you identify your barriers to change to finally start to chase the dreams you have.

But I don’t work like other coaches.

I work through changing your mind on how you see change, how you value time and how identifying how YOU can finally become the hero of your story!

Why Work With Me?

I will teach you to follow the calling within your heart to finally chase the change you dream of deeply but you don’t know where to start.

Through using time as your most sacred gift and tool, you will learn how to take powerful positive steps towards your dreams (finally!) with amazing momentum.

You’ll uncover your true desires, identify the reasons why change feels hard, push through your fears and learn how to become your own hero.

Your dreams are worthy, you are worthy.

Find out what it’s like to chase your goals!

Step up and start now because your whole life can change in a single breath.

Let me help you become the hero of your journey today.

Services I Offer

60 Precious Minutes

Single 60-minute one-on-one sessions. Dig deep to create huge shifts towards your inner desires in the shortest possible time. Uncover what you truly want and then create the journey to get there.

6 Precious Weeks

A life changing 6-week transformational program to teach you how to use time as your most precious gift, to become the hero of your journey and re-write a completely new story!



Watch this space for upcoming events to connect with amazing women from around the world and share the journey to amazing growth and change together!


My Approach

“I am too old… I’m still young… I don’t have time… I don’t know where to start… it’s too late…” 

Time is a gift. And how you choose to see it and how you choose to use it will directly impact the life you have now and into the future.

Together we’ll identify how you are currently spending your precious minutes, hours, and days in order to reframe your perception of time, so
change feels easy.

Mindset and beliefs

We dig deep to find out what you feel, think, and believe about yourself and your inner most desires and dreams.

Who is your hero?

We have a great time exploring who and what the best version of yourself looks like so we can course-correct your decisions and actions away from stale and stagnant towards a positive and empowered new direction.

Precious time

How and where do you use, spend and invest your time? Sometimes our perceptions of time are all that are holding us back from powerful change. This amazing step in the process helps frame day-to-day change from the first two steps.

About Me

Hi I’m Alanna and I know exactly what it’s like to feel embarrassed, ashamed, and disappointed in how your life has turned out.

I stayed stuck for years. I missed opportunities, missed time with people, relationships with others, and missed so many great things that COULD have been. I was frozen in time, totally fearful of change until I became even more afraid of time passing me by without ever chasing my goals and truest potential.

Eventually I learnt that it was only up to ME to make the most of every single precious moment we have. I learnt that Superman is busy. That heroes don’t need capes. That we can become the hero of our own story by stepping up and standing up for ourselves and what we want, because no-one else is going to do it for us.

I learnt that the discomfort of change is horrible and tough, but what was worse is wasting precious time wanting a different life and never REALLY trying to bring that to life. I have been where you are and I want nothing more for you than to find the hero within as well. To take back control. Feel alive again. Head in the direction of your dreams and the life you want.

I KNOW you can do this because I am living evidence that guilt, shame, and regret for staying stuck can all vanish when you take positive action. Possibilities open, people appear, our world changes and you finally become alive.

It all starts with the smallest step, and I am right here with you every step of the way for a life-changing transformation.

Alanna x

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“Becoming My Own Hero” Roadmap

You “don’t have time”, “don’t know where to start”, feel too old….to this or too that…I know. I have thought it and heard it so many times before.

But despite these thoughts and reasons, you still feel your dreams are calling you, you feel sad and guilty you haven’t been able to bring them to life, but you have honestly, just given up.

I don’t want you to give up! You deserve to bring to life anything you want and dream of and I am here to help you!
Feeling doubtful?

So lets start with 30 days!
Grab this amazing, fun and super easy “Becoming your own Hero” roadmap and see how your life can change in 30 days!

In this roadmap, you will:

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Don’t spend another precious moment wondering “what-if?”!
Start today!

What MY Clients Say

Rachel. Victoria, Australia.
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I was experiencing lots of stress and changes in my life. Alanna helped me to identify goals that I have for various areas of my life…. She helped me to identify strategies to assist me to achieve my goals…and… concrete strategies that I could use. Together we identified barriers to achieving my goals.. Alanna’s session helped me to feel less overwhelmed… I would highly recommend booking a session with Alanna for some guidance, direction, and support to achieve their goals in any area of their lives.

Amanda. Philadelphia. USA.
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I had a mindset session with Alanna and was blown away by the end of our call. I’ve never felt more heard before by anybody! She really took the time to let me rant and go on about what I was feeling inside and then she led me in effective ways to deal with those feelings. …. I am really grateful to have met such an inspiring and knowledgeable coach… I can’t recommend her enough! Investing in your business is important, but investing in yourself and having the help and guidance to work on your inner self is crucial!…

Margie. Kansas. USA.
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Thank you so much for time spent on me yesterday!! I so enjoyed meeting you! You had great advice and I do feel less confused. You helped me see that going through the steps to achieve my goals will be enjoyable and not fear filled!!! Thank you!!